Give your health a shot in the arm

Needle Filling with Vaccine

Concentra performs 145,000 vaccinations a year

Whether you need a flu shot, school or job specific vaccinations, travel shots like yellow fever, immigration exam-required injections, or other inoculations, our vaccination services adhere to the best practices and guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other regulatory agencies. 

    Man Getting Shot in the Arm

    The benefits of our vaccination programs:

    • Availability: We stock a wide range of vaccines and can order more.
    • Quality of service: We adhere to the best practices of the CDC ACIP.
    • Convenience: With 500+ locations nationwide, it’s easy to find us. 
    • Travel shots: Vaccinations tailored for your destination.
    • Flu shots:  Get a flu shot at any time—no appointment needed!
    Why Concentra Lobby

    Why Concentra

    As a leading provider of urgent care services, Concentra provides vaccinations to patients across the country, at close to 300 locations. For your best protection, we offer:

    • Walk-in service
    • Convenient locations
    • Simple vaccination service
    • Providers you can trust
    • Educational information
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    Use our Location Finder to locate the Concentra medical center nearest you. For your convenience and to avoid wait times, we recommend you call ahead. Ask about vaccine availability, pricing information, the best day and time to receive the vaccination, and any other questions you have.