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What Are Pre-Employment Physicals?

Pre-employment exams test job applicants to make sure they can safely perform the jobs they apply for. Because of this, they’re an important part of workforce safety. There are several types of pre-employment services. Depending on your industry, you may choose to use just one type or all of them. It all depends on what’s best for your workforce.

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    Your company has high demands and expectations, but demands and expectations are meaningless if you don’t have a workforce that can meet them.

    Our pre-employment physicals are a first step toward building a team that achieves. These physicals help employers make calculated personnel decisions by first identifying whether one has the physical ability to perform on the job.

      Types of Pre-Employment Physicals

      Concentra has a team of occupational health clinicians trained to conduct a wide range of employment physicals, including:


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      Employees can access their patient records by calling the Concentra medical center where their visit occurred.


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