Onsite Models for Businesses of All Sizes

Onsite Health Centers That Fit Your Needs And Workforce 

Onsite Programs for Any Business

Onsite health clinics don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. With a wide variety of service and staffing options, your onsite center can be as simple as a single nurse program or as complex as a full occupational health program with injury treatment and diagnosis, urgent care, wellness, and physical therapy services. All service and staffing models are flexible to the size and needs of your workforce, so any business can enjoy the benefits of health care at work.


    You don’t have to have an onsite clinic to benefit from onsite health services. With Concentra Onsite Health’s episodic services, you can provide drug testing, vaccinations, and more at your worksite. This makes it easy for employees to stay current on tests and vaccinations, and helps you keep your workplace safe and compliant. Episodic services can be provided on a one-time or recurring basis, and no long-term commitment is required. Services include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Cancer screenings
    • Physical exams
    • Drug and alcohol tests
    • Respirator fit tests
    • TB tests
    • Vision tests


      With medical oversight services, Concentra Onsite Health can provide clinical staff oversight, program management, and practice leadership for existing onsite clinics. This can vary from medical oversight for an onsite clinic or health program your business builds and operates to collaboration with another health care provider to help ensure high quality outcomes.


        Certified athletic trainers (ATs) and physical therapists (PTs) can help you reduce and prevent workplace injuries by providing functional testing, ergonomic assessments, first aid, employee education, and injury triage at your worksite. With this model, the AT/PT works onsite with your employees, becoming familiar with the work environment’s unique requirements to provide customized prevention recommendations and optimize return-to-work plans when a visit to a physician is required.

        RN MODEL

        A registered nurse (RN) model enables you to provide essential services like vaccinations, case management, first aid, and drug testing at your worksite. Your onsite RN will also assess/triage work injuries to determine if a visit to a medical center is required, and then work with injured employees on return-to-work treatment plans.


          The clinician model is ideal for employers that want employees to have access to a full-or-limited-service health clinic at their worksite. It installs a team of clinicians at your worksite to provide primary care, occupational health care, injury treatment, drug tests and vaccinations, physical exams, or other health services from a clinic built in the workplace. In addition to providing onsite health services for employees, the onsite clinic may also be available to employee spouses and dependents.