Keeping Track of Your health

What Are Health Screenings?

Health screenings are designed to make sure everything in your body is working right. This information helps your doctor identify any health problems and risk factors, which makes it easier to fix problems right away. Health screenings can also find out if you can safely perform your job, or go back to your job after an injury or illness. Concentra performs many different health screenings and tests. Some of the most common are DOT physicals, diagnostic and preventive screenings, drug tests, and work safety and health exams.

drug Testing

Many companies require job applicants to take a drug test before you start working, or perform random testing of their current employees. These tests help to ensure that employees are not impaired while performing their job and do not pose a risk to others. Employers can screen for a wide range of substances, depending upon the company’s preference.

    Work Safety and health

    Work safety and health exams make sure that you can do your job safely. They’re usually performed when you’re ready to go back to work after a serious injury or when you’re applying for a physically active or highly regulated job. OSHA requires employers to provide access to medical exams for those employees exposed to hazardous materials or other exposures.

      DOt physicals

      Federal law requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) to receive regular physical examinations, or DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals. These exams have strict requirements to protect driver safety. They’re designed to detect anything that could prevent you from driving safely, and evaluate all aspects of a driver’s overall health.

        Diagnostic and Preventive

        Diagnostic and Preventive screenings provide greater insight into your overall health and wellness, often through a blood sample or through various body measurements. The information captured through these screenings are designed to identify and monitor any past, current, or risk for future medical issues. This information can help your doctor make a plan to keep you healthy.