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Get injury care on demand

Concentra Telemed® is a telemedicine platform designed to treat employees with relatively minor work-related injuries and illnesses. It allows employees to get the care they need promptly regardless of time or location.

Not sure if your company uses Concentra Telemed? Check with your supervisor before attempting to use.

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quick treatment for minor injuries

You can use Concentra Telemed for injuries that are eligible for workers’ compensation but don’t require in-person care, such as:

  • Grade I/II upper/lower extremity strains/sprains
  • First-degree burns
  • Back strains/sprains
  • Neck strains/sprains
  • Contusions
  • Abrasions
  • Rashes
  • Tendinitis/repetitive-use injuries
  • Bloodborne pathogen (BBP) exposures

    How a Concentra Telemed Visit works

      Ready to use concentra telemed?

      Click the button to create your Concentra Telemed account and get started. To access, PC and Android users should open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Mac and Apple users should open Safari. You cannot access using Internet Explorer.

      Note: Your employer must submit a Treatment Authorization on your behalf before treatment can start.

      Need Help?

      Call 1-855-835-6337 to to speak to a telemedicine expert.

        Injured employee Resources and FAQs

        • Is Concentra Telemed available 24/7/365?

          Concentra Telemed delivers 24/7 access in all available states except Hawaii and will continue to provide anytime access as we expand to other states. Click HERE for current state-by-state availability.

        • How do I access Concentra Telemed?

          To access Concentra Telemed, you’ll need the following:

          • Computer, smartphone, or tablet with a webcam and microphone
          • Photo ID
          • Email address

          There are three ways to access Concentra Telemed:

          1. Web: Go to from your computer or laptop
          2. Mobile Web: Go to from your smartphone or tablet
          3. App: Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store
        • Can any mobile device work?

          Recommended mobile device options are as follows:

          • Any Apple (iOS) device newer than three years old and running iOS 8 or higher
          • Any Android device newer than two years old and running Android 4.4 or higher

          For the best experience using the mobile app, a Wi-Fi connection of 4G or higher is recommended using a current iOS or Android device with a mic and webcam.

        • Can I use Concentra Telemed for urgent care or primary care visits?

          No. Concentra Telemed is for employees with relatively minor, work-related injuries or illnesses that are eligible for workers’ compensation.

        • How long does a Concentra Telemed visit last?

          It depends on your injury or illness. Each visit will vary according to how much time is needed with the clinician.
        • How secure is a Concentra Telemed visit?

          Concentra Telemed deploys a HIPAA-compliant system of secure communication to maintain the integrity of your protected health information (PHI). The platform is equipped to monitor communications for prevention of accidental or malicious breaches. In addition, Concentra does not record video visits or store patient records in this platform.

        • What if I need technical assistance?

          If you need help or have technical issues, call 855.835.6337. Technical assistance is available 24/7.