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What you need in an occupational medicine provider 


  • Coping with Family Stress During the Holidays

    Chances are, you’ll be dealing with some family stress during the holidays. But there are some simple ways to keep your cool when relatives start to get under your skin, or you just can’t find a gift for that hard-to-please relative.
    • Avoid Becoming a Black Friday Horror Story

      Black Friday: Known for great deals, large crowds, and injuries. After a trampling incident in 2008 caused an employee’s death, OSHA has taken measures to keep retail workers safe on Black Friday. Follow these guidelines to keep your workforce safe and healthy:
      • How to Manage the Loss of an Employee

        The death of an employee is a distressing event. There are certain steps an employer should take to appropriately and respectfully manage the loss.
        • The Impact of Climate Change on Flu

          Is climate change now responsible for more severe flu seasons? New research suggests changes in weather patterns may be impacting the spread and severity of influenza.