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What Is CMCA Substance Abuse Management?

“CMCA” stands for Concentra’s Medical Compliance Administration. We’re a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) with a national footprint. We make it easy to manage your company’s drug and alcohol testing program. CMCA Substance Abuse Management enables you to provide pre-placement screenings, workplace drug screenings, and random drug and alcohol testing for your employees—all with the knowledge that you’re maintaining compliance with current federal and state regulations.

    How You Benefit

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    Access Your Reports Online

    Concentra’s Employer Portal enables you to get all your CMCA reports online anywhere, anytime you need them. Using our portal, you can:

    • Get drug test results fast
    • Request services online
    • Review, manage, and receive results quickly and accurately 


      Let’s talk about what’s best for your business. We have the solution you need, whether you’re looking for:

      • Substance abuse monitoring services
      • A drug consortium partner
      • Drug/alcohol training
      • General information

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