Zero-Tolerance Policy

Help Prevent Violence Against Employees in Health Care


Violence is increasing against health care employees, who “now suffer more nonfatal injuries from workplace violence than workers in any other profession, including law enforcement.”1

Concentra® will not tolerate the use of verbal/physical abuse or any kind of violence against any of our occupational health employees. We will pursue charges to the legal maximum for any violations.

Worldly or personal stress is not an excuse for hostile interactions and workplace violence.


    Concentra employees are trained in the early identification of hostile interactions and in their de-escalation. However, the best time to stop workplace violence is before it reaches our door.

    Concentra encourages employers to adopt zero-tolerance policies and help ensure their employees behave appropriately at Concentra when they receive work-related health services. Let’s work together to prevent violence from scarring the delivery of occupational health care.

      Violence Prevention: A Universal Need

      No workplace is immune. In 2020, there were 37,060 “intentional injuries by another person” nationwide. Service occupations, health care practitioners and technical employees, educational instructors, transportation and material moving, and management, business, and financial occupations – all of these industries and more have been affected.2

        Let’s Work Together to Stop Violence in Health Care

        Occupational health providers and employers need to unite to stop workplace violence against employees. Lawmakers and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are continuing to seek solutions and have devoted years of effort to stopping violence in health care. Health care providers and employers must unite to support this important cause. Employers, please ensure that your employees understand our no-tolerance policy and exercise proper behavior when receiving work-related Concentra health services.

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