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Frequently Asked Questions: Tests and Screenings

  • Do you provide drug tests?

    Yes, Concentra provides many different types of drug tests.
  • What types of drug tests do you provide?

    Some of the drug tests we provide include pre-placement drug testing, random drug testing, and DOT-compliant drug testing. For a full list of the drug tests we provide, please call your local center.

  • How long do Concentra drug test results take?

    Concentra drug tests provide results within 48 hours or faster with our “Rapid Testing” solution. 

  • Do Concentra drug tests comply with state and federal regulations?

    Yes, our drug tests comply with all state and federal regulations, including OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). 

  • What kind of pre-employment screenings do you provide?

    There are many different types of pre-employment screenings, but the four most common Concentra is asked to provide include:

    • DOT physicals
    • OSHA physicals (including hazmat and respiratory exams)
    • Pre-employment drug tests
    • Human Performance Evaluations (HPEs)
  • What is a Human Performance Evaluation?

    It tests an applicant’s ability to perform actions that are required by their job. This can include testing things like pushing, pulling, lifting certain weights, and squatting.

  • Why should I get pre-employment screenings for my workforce?

    Pre-employment screenings improve workplace safety and can reduce employee turnover and direct costs by making sure that a job applicant can safely perform their job functions before they’re trained.

  • Does Concentra provide biometric screenings?

    Yes, we provide biometric screenings in our centers.

  • Does Concentra provide substance abuse management?

    Yes. Learn more about what we provide on our substance abuse management.