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Concentra is a leading occupational health provider, offering employer services, including work injury treatment and prevention, physical exams, drug testing, physical therapy, and telemedicine. Concentra’s more than 520 medical centers and 120 onsite centers address workers’ compensation needs with patient-centered care.

For all media inquiries, interviews, or information about doing a story at a Concentra medical center, please contact one of our media liaisons:

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Orange phone icon  (972) 720-7862

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Learn more about Concentra and Occupational Health Care

With more than 40 years of occupational health experience, Concentra® knows how to help employers reduce injuries. Low OSHA-recordables mean better employee health and safety, strong business health, and other positive outcomes explained in our article, "Six Reasons to Keep Recordables Low."

Flu season has begun. Encourage your employees to get a flu shot. Our article, "Seasonal Flu Shots Help Keep Employees Health, Businesses Productive," offers guidance. 

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