John deLorimier

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, Customer Growth & Experience

For more than 12 years, John deLorimier has led Concentra’s strategic direction, sales, marketing, and product development. John is an industry expert in aligning brand, marketing and sales strategy, and execution. He previously was Humana’s segment vice president overseeing product development and management, sales, and digital communications for the company’s Employer Group. For many years as a consultant, he advised leading Fortune 500 companies on sales effectiveness, marketing and channel management, product development, change management, and knowledge and learning management. He has BA and MS degrees from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (known as Virginia Tech).

John deLorimier would be pleased to speak with news media members on these topics:

  • Telemedicine in workers compensation
  • Medical clinics located on customer locations
  • Launching new medical products and solutions within the workers compensation ecosystem

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