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Physical therapy uses body mechanics to restore a person’s functional capacity to lift, carry, climb, and perform all of the movements required on the job. At Concentra®, physical therapists don’t just treat immediate work injury. They motivate and educate employees on how to prevent injuries and re-injury. Concentra’s unique early-intervention approach and function-based alternative to the pain scale achieve return to work in significantly fewer visits than the national average. 
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    Leading the Industry in Patient Treatment

    Concentra Physical Therapy (PT) helps employees return to work and life quickly and safely. Our comprehensive, high-touch approach leads the industry in manual therapy, mobility progression, and ongoing patient treatment. Through our dynamic early intervention model, we help workers return to function sooner and reduce the risk of re-injury. The result is a comprehensive therapy practice that helps you save time and money.

      Why Choose Concentra Physical Therapy Equipment

      Why Choose Concentra Physical Therapy?

      • PTs and OTs, not techs — Your workers will receive hands-on therapy from physical and occupational therapists, not technicians.
      • Administrative support — We handle scheduling, insurance, and other time-consuming tasks so patients can focus on getting better.
      • Home recovery plan — We emphasize a hands-on approach that minimizes office visits and saves on costs, while still monitoring recovery.
      • MD/PT communication — Our therapists work closely with the referring physician—an approach proven to result in fast, effective outcomes.

        What We Provide

        Physical Therapists

        About Concentra Therapists

        • Education: Our therapists are among the most experienced professionals in the therapy industry; 75% hold advanced degrees
        • Experience: Our therapists average 10 years of hands-on, practical therapy experience
        • Credentials: Many hold additional credentials, such as the Orthopedic Certification specialty
        • Certification: Our therapists participate in an industry-leading, 2.5-year manual therapy certification program, sponsored nationally by Concentra
        • Training: We actively encourage and support ongoing education and training opportunities for our therapists
        • No technicians: Only licensed physical and occupational therapists provide skilled patient treatment

          Contact an Expert

          Need help learning about physical therapy? Not sure what services will be best for your workforce? At Concentra Therapy, we can provide:

          • Pre-placement exams
          • Injury care
          • Injury prevention
          • Occupational therapy
          • Education
          • Training
          • Ergonomics

          …and more! Get in contact with one of our experts today to learn more about our services and how we can help your workers stay safe, healthy, and active.