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Injury prevention and wellness

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What Is Employee Injury Prevention?

In addition to workplace injury treatment, Concentra offers programs and training that can help prevent employee injuries in general. Concentra physical therapists (PTs) and certified athletic trainers (ATCs) can teach employees how to improve their overall and workplace health. They can do this through exercise programs and classes on proper warm-up and stretching routines before work, the best lifting techniques, back injury prevention, and ergonomics (making the workplace more productive by reducing muscle fatigue). Doing this can also help prevent cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) with ergonomic evaluations and a functional job site analysis (ADApt) to optimize your work environment and minimize injury risk factors.

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    Benefits for Employees

    Even when done correctly, the repetitive motions performed at work can lead to employee fatigue and injuries. Better working conditions and employee health will lead to fewer work injuries, repetitive stress injuries, and missed days from work. With the right training and environment, employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive. Concentra employee injury prevention programs can improve productivity and morale while reducing work injuries and employee absences.

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      What Employers Should Know

      • American businesses spend more than $1 billion per week on the top 10 disabling, nonfatal workplace injuries.
      • The leading cause of disabling work injuries is overexertion involving outside sources (lifting, pulling, pushing, holding, carrying, or throwing,) which creates more than $15 billion a year in direct costs.
      • The National Safety Council reports that 13,000 American workers are injured every day - that's 1 worker every 7 seconds. Almost 1 million production days were lost from work-related injuries in 2014.
      • 35% of workplace injuries are caused by overexertion, including lifting, lowering, and repetitive motions.