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Pulmonary Function Testing

Assessing Lung Performance 

What is a pulmonary function test? 

A pulmonary function test assesses lung performance. Some Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards require pulmonary function testing to be performed by either a licensed physician or a technician who has successfully completed a training course approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Test results are interpreted by comparing an employee’s readings with those predicted for a person of similar description (e.g., gender, age, and height).

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    Why are pulmonary function tests necessary?

    If there is a possibility of hazardous airborne materials being released, pulmonary function testing helps establish a baseline of lung performance, which is essential for determining adverse occupational effects. Pulmonary function testing is a component of medical surveillance exams.

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      What does Concentra provide?

      Concentra uses spirometry, the most common type of pulmonary function testing, to assess standard measurements of lung function. To prepare for a pulmonary function test, an employee should avoid:

      • Smoking for at least an hour before
      • Eating a large meal for at least two hours before
      • Exercising 30 minutes prior to the test.

      In addition to these measures, the employee should wear comfortable clothing and inform the technician if he or she is taking medication.


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