Man putting on face mask who could get a respirator fit test

Respirator Physicals and Fit Tests

Man working on the floor eligible for a respirator physical

What Are Respirator Physicals?

Many jobs require employees to wear a respirator as a standard safety practice. This requirement helps to protect employees against inhaling toxins of fine dust particles. Respirators help keep these employees safe on the job, but not everyone can safely wear a respirator. Respirator physicals determine if your employees can safely wear respirators on the job.

Man wearing a mask who should have a respirator fit test

Respirator Fit Tests

Respirator physicals are often coupled with a respirator fit test. Respirator fit tests are required for all tight-fitting respirators, including both supplied-air respirators and air-purifying respirators. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires fit testing before first use, if there are changes to use, and annual evaluations. There are two methods of fit testing: qualitative fit testing and quantitative fit testing. Qualitative fit testing is the most common method, but Concentra provides both methods of fit testing. On average, we provide more than 58,000 fit tests each year.

Two men working on the road requiring a respirator fit test

What’s Required to Meet Silica Standards?

Crystalline silica - a common mineral found in the dust on construction sites - can pose a serious threat to everyone exposed. To address the critical nature of this issue, OSHA released new standards that tighten restrictions on the amount of silica workers can be exposed to on the job.

If your workers are exposed to respirable silica, they may need to be monitored for silica exposure, cleared to wear a respirator, and be fitted for a respirator to protect their health while they’re at work.