Concentra Telemed

What is Concentra Telemed?

Concentra Telemed is a telemedicine platform designed for workers’ compensation. It connects workers and licensed Concentra clinicians via smartphones, tablets, and computers. Using video conferencing, clinicians can diagnose, treat, and even prescribe medication (where allowed by law). 

Everything about it—from the easy check-in to the fast evaluation and diagnosis—is designed to make the workers’ compensation process easier for you and your workers. 

Because Concentra Telemed only uses Concentra clinicians (not third-parties), it’s currently only available in select states. We’re working hard to make it available nationwide. 

    What Concentra Telemed treats

    • Minor functional movement injuries
    • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises
    • Sprains and strains
    • Rashes and burns
    • Repetitive use injuries

    Anything that requires a physical exam or seems severe will be sent to a Concentra medical center or the nearest emergency room. 

      How you benefit

      • Convenience:  Your worker doesn’t have to leave the workplace to see a clinician, and you don’t have to find someone else to cover their shift. Instead, they can get care right in the workplace—no travel required.
      • Cost-savings:   When a worker doesn’t have to leave to get care, you save on productivity and working hours. A 2013 study found that because of this, telemedicine showed a 100% ROI with as little as 15% utilization.
      • Quality of care:  Virtual care delivered by occupational medicine experts experienced with engaging patients in telemedicine.