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Telemedicine in the workplace

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    Concentra Telemed Features and Benefit

    Concentra Telemed is a telemedicine solution dedicated to the treatment of minor, work-related injuries and illnesses. Minimize lost duty time and productivity and avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals and urgent care facilities.

    Concentra Telemed provides:

      Concentra Telemed can provide screening evaluations for employees with potential work-related exposure to COVID-19. Authorization to Treat is required.

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      How it Works

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      What it Treats and Where it's Available

      Initial Injuries

      • Grade I/II strains/sprains
      • First-degree burns
      • Back strains/sprains
      • Neck strains/sprains
      • Contusions
      • Abrasions
      • Rashes
      • Tendonitis/repetitive-use injuries
      • Bloodborne pathogen (BBP) exposures

      Injury Rechecks

      • Some wound and laceration checks
      • Second-degree burns
      • Moderate cervical and low back injuries
      • Significant sprains, strains, and contusions
      • Routine postoperative checks

      Concentra Telemed is not appropriate for serious or life-threatening conditions. For such conditions, please seek emergency medical assistance immediately.

      How to Use Concentra Telemed

      What happens after an employee reports a work-related injury?

        Concentra Has Expanded its Telemedicine Services

        Concentra Telemed is now available in Concentra medical centers throughout the nation. The telemedicine services available in all states with a Concentra footprint are as follows:

          Employer Resources and FAQs

          • Employer Resources

          • How to get started?

            When your employee reports a work-related injury or illness, you may refer him/her to telemedicine with instructions to go to Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the Concentra Telemed app on their mobile device. Your employee can also go to to access telemedicine from a computer.

          • How long does a Concentra Telemed visit take?

            The length of time for a visit depends on the employee’s medical condition and needs. An advantage of using Concentra Telemed is your employee will not spend time traveling to and from a medical facility or in a waiting room.

          • How do I authorize a Concentra Telemed visit?

            An employer authorization form must be submitted to use Concentra Telemed. The authorization form can be submitted in the following ways:

            • Email ([email protected])
            • Portal (
            • Fax (844-371-8990)
            • Screen shot (Hold the form up to the camera at start of video visit)
          • Will any mobile devise work for Concentra Telemed?

            For the best experience using the app, a Wi-Fi connection of 4G or higher is recommended using a current iOS or Android device with a mic and webcam.

            • iOS Operating System (iOS 10 or newer required)
            • iPhone 5 and newer
            • iPad 4th gen and newer
            • iPad Mini 2
            • iPod Touch 6th gen and newer

            Microsoft Windows Operating System: it is recommended that the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari (Mac only) be used. You cannot access via mobile device.

          • Is Concentra Telemed available 24/7/365?

            Concentra Telemed delivers 24/7 access in all available states except Hawaii and will continue to provide anytime access as we expand to other states.

          • How secure is a Concentra Telemed visit?

            Concentra Telemed deploys a HIPAA-compliant system of secure communication to maintain the integrity of your employees’ protected health information (PHI). The platform is equipped to monitor communications for prevention of accidental or malicious breaches. In addition, Concentra does not record video visits or store patient records in this platform.

          • Can my employees use Concentra Telemed while traveling with work?

            It depends on the state. Our goal is to provide nationwide access to occupational health clinicians using our telemedicine platform; however, there are some states where Concentra Telemed is currently unavailable.
          • Is Concentra Telemed available for primary care visits?

            No. Concentra Telemed is a telemedicine platform designed specifically for the treatment of minor work-related injuries and illnesses and is not available to treat health conditions that are not work-related.

          • How can I get technical assistance?

            If you or one of your employees need help or have technical issues, please call 855-835-6337, and a member of our team will be able to assist.