Concentra Telemed

Concentra Telemed: Reduce Time Away from Work

Concentra Telemed™ is a telemedicine solution for workers’ compensation. From the easy check-in to the expert evaluation, Concentra Telemed makes the injury care process more convenient for you and your employees. By using their computer or smartphone, your employees can get treatment for initial injuries, rechecks, and physical therapy from a trained clinician. This reduces employee time away from work and saves you money.

We’re working hard to make Concentra Telemed available nationwide. At the current time, it’s available in select states.

    Minor Injuries and More Are Treatable Through Telemed

    • Minor functional movement injuries
    • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises
    • Sprains and strains
    • Rashes and burns
    • Repetitive use injuries
    • Bloodborne pathogen exposure

    Serious injuries or injuries that need hands-on care, like stitches, will still need to be seen in-person by a clinician. Depending on the severity of an injury, the clinician may refer an employee for in-person medical or therapy care.

      Telerehab: Bringing Physical Therapy and Digital Health Together

      Concentra Telerehab brings physical therapy for work injuries directly to your employees at work or home.  When a telemedicine clinician refers an injured employee to physical therapy, they can offer telerehab as an option if the employee’s injury isn’t severe. If the employee chooses telerehab, they can access it through the same Concentra Telemed platform on their smartphone or a computer.

        How to Use Concentra Telemed and Telerehab

        1. When an employee is injured at work, they should immediately report it to their supervisor who will then complete an incident report and authorization for treatment.
        2. If telemedicine is appropriate, the supervisor will offer it as a treatment option to the employee. The employee can register for Concentra Telemed on or by downloading the Concentra Telemed app.
        3. The employee clicks on an available coordinator to request a visit and connect with one of our care coordinators who conducts intake and then transfers the worker to a clinician.
        4. The clinician examines, diagnoses, and treats the worker, and then transfers the patient back to the care coordinator for checkout.
        5. At checkout, the care coordinator will review any work restrictions and set up any necessary follow-up care, including rechecks and telerehab.
        6. After the visit, the worker receives their paperwork via secure email.

        Want to Learn More?

        Watch our step-by-step video that walks you through a typical telemedicine visit. Then, download our complimentary starter kit and use it as a how-to guide for implementing Concentra Telemed services in your workplace.