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Concentra Telemed Features and Benefits

Concentra Telemed is a telemedicine solution used to treat employees with relatively minor work injuries and illnesses. It helps minimize lost duty time, avoid unnecessary hospital or urgent care visits, and increase overall productivity.

Concentra Telemed provides:

    Concentra Telemed can provide screening evaluations for employees with potential work-related exposure to COVID-19. Authorization to Treat is required.

    What it Treats and Where it's Available

    Initial Injuries

    • Minor strains (i.e., pulled muscles)
    • Minor sprains
    • Bruises/contusions
    • Tendonitis/repetitive-use injuries
    • Minor burns
    • Contusions
    • Minor cuts and scrapes
    • Work-related rashes
    • Bloodborne pathogen (BBP) exposures

    Injury Rechecks

    • Some wound and laceration checks
    • Second-degree burns
    • Moderate cervical and low back injuries
    • Significant sprains, strains, and contusions
    • Routine postoperative checks

    Concentra Telemed is not appropriate for serious or life-threatening conditions. For such conditions, please seek emergency medical assistance immediately.

    How to Use Concentra Telemed

    What happens after an employee reports a work injury and the employer authorizes the use of telemedicine.

      Concentra Delivers Comprehensive Telemedicine Services

      Concentra Telemed is available in Concentra medical centers throughout the nation. The telemedicine services available in all states with a Concentra footprint are as follows:

        Frequently Asked Questions

        • To access Concentra Telemed, employees will need an internet-enabled device (i.e., smartphone, tablet, or computer) with a webcam and microphone. A quiet, private place should also be set aside for the employee’s telemedicine visit.

        • Recommended mobile device options are as follows:

          • Any Apple (iOS) device newer than 3 years old and running iOS 8 or higher
          • Any Android device newer than 2 years old and running Android 4.4 or higher

          For the best experience using the mobile app, a Wi-Fi connection of 4G or higher is recommended using a current iOS or Android device with a mic and webcam.

        • No. Concentra Telemed is intended for employees with relatively minor, work-related injuries or illnesses that are eligible for workers’ compensation.

        • The length of each telemedicine visit varies depending on each employee’s treatment needs. It’s worth noting that with telemedicine, no time is spent traveling to and from a medical facility.
        • We’ll give you clinical guidelines ahead of time so that you know exactly what can be seen via Concentra Telemed – and what should be seen in a Concentra medical center. Our care coordinators also screen employees when they log into Concentra Telemed to ensure that they’re triaged to the correct place, whether that’s Concentra Telemed, a Concentra medical center, or an emergency department.

        • Concentra Telemed deploys a HIPAA-compliant system of secure communication to maintain the integrity of your employees’ protected health information (PHI). The platform is equipped to monitor communications for prevention of accidental or malicious breaches. In addition, Concentra does not record video visits or store patient records in this platform.

        • Concentra Telemed delivers 24/7 access in all available states except Hawaii and will continue to provide anytime access as we expand to other states. Click HERE for current state-by-state availability.

          An employee who wishes to work with a Concentra team at a local center to see a clinician he/she is used to, can contact the center for an appointment during that center’s operating hours.

        • No. Most employees with injuries that are treatable using Concentra Telemed are fully treated from onset to post-recovery via our telemedicine platform. Should in-person care be required, the injured or ill employee will be referred to the nearest Concentra medical center to continue treatment.

        • COVID-19 Return-to-Work Evaluation: Evaluate employees who tested positive for or were potentially exposed to COVID-19 before they return to work.

          Physical Therapy: Employees previously seen at a Concentra medical center for physical therapy may be eligible to use our telemedicine platform to continue their rehab sessions.

          Telemedicine Transfer-of-Care Evaluation: Employees who were injured at work and began treatment with another health care provider may have the option to transfer work injury care to Concentra via Concentra Telemed.

          Some of the additional telemedicine services require an appointment and/or authorization. Other conditions may also apply. Contact your nearby Concentra medical center for more information.

        • The visit charge is the same, as you’re still paying for the clinician’s expertise. The cost savings come from the amount of time saved, because employees:

          • Don’t have to leave work for treatment
          • Don’t waste time sitting in a waiting room
          • Can get treatment right away, ensuring compliance with occupational injury laws and potentially improving recovery time for better return-to-work outcomes
        • Yes. We provide 24/7 technical support.