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Authorize Telemedicine for an Injured Employee

How to Use Concentra Telemed

What happens after an employee reports a work injury and the employer authorizes the use of telemedicine.

    Ready to Treat Your Injured or Ill Employees

    Before employees can use Concentra Telemed, their employer must submit a treatment authorization on their behalf. This online authorization grants Concentra® permission to treat employees for workers’ compensation injuries or illnesses using our telemedicine platform. The employer must submit a treatment authorization each time an employee plans to use Concentra Telemed.

    Authorize Telemedicine for an Injured Employee

    This form is not to be completed by employee/patients. If you are an employee/patient, contact your employer for instructions.

    Personal Information


    Authorization will expire 7 days after form submission.
    By clicking the Submit button, I attest that I am authorized to request telemedicine services on behalf of my listed employer and employee. I further attest that the listed employee meets the medical necessity criteria for Concentra's telemedicine services.

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      Employer Resources

        Frequently Asked Questions

        • Your injured or ill employees can access Concentra Telemed by visiting from their computer or mobile device.

          1. Employee goes to and clicks “Create Patient Account.”
          2. Employee enters location (current state) and some basic info and selects “First Visit Work Injury.”
          3. Employee checks acknowledgment box selects “Confirm Visit,” and waits for the care coordinator.
          4. Care coordinator connects for patient check-in and places the employee in a virtual waiting room.
          5. Clinician connects for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, and reconnects employee with the care coordinator for checkout. Any necessary follow-up care will be scheduled.
          6. The employee will receive visit details via secure email. Employers can access all pertinent visit details via Concentra HUB.
        • The length of each telemedicine visit varies depending on each employee’s treatment needs. It’s worth noting that with telemedicine, no time is spent traveling to and from a medical facility.

        • We recommend offering your employees a quiet, private location where no one can hear the employee or view the employee’s device. You may choose to dedicate an empty office or room, if available.

        • Our clinical guidelines help determine which work-related injuries and illnesses are appropriate for Concentra Telemed. Our Concentra Telemed care coordinators also screen employees when they log in to ensure they’re triaged to the correct place. If deemed necessary, our Concentra Telemed care coordinators will refer your employees to our nearby medical center or an emergency department.

        • Concentra Telemed can treat relatively minor injuries that don’t require an in-person physical examination, such as:

          Initial Injuries

          • Minor strains (i.e., pulled muscles)
          • Minor sprains
          • Bruises/contusions
          • Tendonitis/repetitive-use injuries
          • Minor burns
          • Contusions
          • Minor cuts and scrapes
          • Work-related rashes
          • Bloodborne pathogen (BBP) exposures

          First Aid

          • Routine first aid

          Rechecks (When recovery is progressing and hands-on procedures are not needed)

          • Some wound and laceration checks
          • Second-degree burns
          • Moderate cervical and low back injuries
          • Significant sprains, strains and contusions
          • Routine post-operative checks
        • Recommended mobile device options are as follows:

          • Any Apple (iOS) device newer than 3 years old and running iOS 8 or higher
          • Any Android device newer than 2 years old and running Android 4.4 or higher

          For the best experience using the mobile app, a Wi-Fi connection of 4G or higher is recommended using a current iOS or Android device with a mic and webcam.

        • COVID-19 Return-to-Work Evaluation: Evaluate employees who tested positive for or were potentially exposed to COVID-19 before they return to work.

          Physical Therapy: Employees previously seen at a Concentra medical center for physical therapy may be eligible to use our telemedicine platform to continue their rehab sessions.

          Telemedicine Transfer-of-Care Evaluation: Employees who were injured at work and began treatment with another health care provider may have the option to transfer work injury care to Concentra via Concentra Telemed.

          Some of the additional telemedicine services require an appointment and/or authorization. Other conditions may also apply. Contact your nearby Concentra medical center for more information.

        • Click HERE for current state-by-state availability.
        • To provide your employees with the best possible care, Concentra Telemed visits will only be conducted through video. Due to the nature of occupational injuries and illnesses, quality visits must use video. Employees will also have the option to wait to connect until they’re able to use video for the visit.

        • Yes. Concentra Telemed is HIPAA-compliant and designed to securely transmit patient information. We do not store patient records via this platform. The video visit is also not recorded or stored.

        • If an employee needs help or has technical issues using Concentra Telemed, call us at 855.835.6337.