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A Better Approach for Injury care

Active Approach to Injury Recovery

An Active Approach to Injury Recovery 

Professional athletes must stay in top shape. When they’re injured, their goal is always to return to work—or get back in the game—right away. At Concentra, we think employees are just as important to their organizations as top athletes are to the game, and we treat them that way. To care for these “industrial athletes,” we provide the same level of prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation that are found in professional sports facilities or elite fitness clubs.

    Functionally Based Treatment Man Rehab

    Functionally-Based Treatment

    Concentra therapists don’t just help employees physically recover from work injuries. We help reduce the psychological and social impacts of work injury, too. After getting hurt on the job, many people develop an unconscious fear of movement or activities that can prolong their injuries. Our treatment model empowers patients to take ownership of their recovery and focus on returning to work—and life—faster, rather than on their pain.

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      Want to learn more about Concentra’s active treatment model? Not sure what you need for your workforce? Here’s just a few of the things we provide at Concentra Therapy:

      • Injury care
      • Injury prevention
      • Occupational therapy
      • Pre-placement exams
      • Employee education
      • Ergonomics
      • Training

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