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Workforce injury care

Speeding Up Recovery Wrapped Wrist Exam

Speed up Employee Recovery with injury care

After a work-related injury, Concentra provides your injured worker with the medical care and return-to-work program they need to ensure a safe, quick recovery. Concentra has been treating work-related injuries for nearly 39 years. Today, we provide injury care for 1 in every 7 workplace injuries in the United States. We work with employers to make it easy for you and your employees to navigate the workers’ compensation process with minimal business interruption.

    Benefits of Injury Care and Occupational Medicine

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    Why You Need an Injury Care Plan

    Work injuries come with complicated regulations and requirements that can make getting your employees the injury care they need frustrating and confusing. With an injury care plan, you’re prepared for on-the-job accidents before they even happen—so when they do, you can quickly get your employee on the road to recovery.

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      Fast, Safe Return to Work

      Concentra clinicians treat injured employees like industrial athletes, helping them get back on the job—and in the game—as soon as it’s safe. They teach employees about the benefits of return to work, and talk with them about psychological and social challenges that may be delaying recovery. This speeds up recovery and makes employees more likely to complete their treatment plans—reducing medically unnecessary disabilities and overall lost-duty days.

        Connect with an Injury Care Expert

        Don’t wait for an accident to happen to set up an injury care plan. Fill out our form and we’ll get in touch to help you develop an injury care plan and figure out what else you may need for your workforce. Here’s just a few of the services we provide:

        • Injury care and prevention
        • Immunizations
        • Physical therapy
        • Regulatory physicals
        • Drug testing
        • Surveillance screenings