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Physical therapy faq

  • What is physical therapy?

    Physical therapy treats injuries and illnesses with physical exercises, heat, and massage to restore the injured person to normal function.

  • What is the difference between physical and occupational therapy?

    Physical therapists specialize in how the body moves. If a worker has lost mobility due to an injury, they’ll help them get that back. They can even help prevent lost mobility with fitness and stretching programs. Occupational therapists are more focused on treating things that keep patients from doing daily tasks. These can range from simple tasks to complex job activities.

  • What kind of physical therapy does Concentra provide?

    Concentra provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, and onsite therapy services.

  • Why is physical therapy necessary? Can’t my workers rest until they get better?

    Full recovery from an injury can be difficult without appropriate medical treatment. Physical therapy can help workers recover much faster than if they were just resting on their own—leading to fewer lost working hours. Additionally, therapy often reduces the need for specialist treatment and other services, resulting in reduced overall cost and better long-term management.

  • How many of my workers will need physical therapy?

    On average, about 35% of injuries treated at Concentra receive physical therapy. The other 65% of patient issues are resolved with a physician’s visit or may not need treatment.

  • Do you provide ergonomics programs?

    Yes. We can provide both educational programs and programs that evaluate your worksite for risks and provide cost-effective solutions. Learn more about Concentra ergonomics programs.

  • Do my workers need therapy for minor sprains and strains?

    Even mild injuries can result in functional issues and reduce an employee’s ability to do their job. It’s better to intervene early, rather than risk complicating a minor injury and creating the need for additional treatment.

  • What other physical therapy services do you provide?

    Some of the other physical and occupational therapy services Concentra provides include:

    • Injury prevention
    • Ergonomics
    • Employee education
    • Workplace stretching programs
    • Pre-employment tests
    • Post-injury exams
    • Onsite therapy services
  • Do my workers see physical therapists or physical therapy technicians?

    Only licensed physical and occupational therapists provide physical therapy at Concentra.