Selling Your Practice & Partnering with Concentra

The Benefits of Being Best-in-Class

Our Growth Strategy

Concentra is committed to treating more patients with best-in-class healthcare services focusing on quality medical outcomes. As part of our growth strategy, we’re acquiring and partnering with high quality occupational medicine and urgent care practices and hospital programs that share our strong cultural values and patients-first approach. Groups with a complementary geographic presence and a strong group of providers and staff will find Concentra the ideal partner for their  future.

What You’ll Get from a Concentra Partnership

Practice Owners

Are you a physician or practice owner interested in selling your practice? Here are some benefits of partnering with Concentra.

  • Liquidity/security. We offer fair value for your practice in upfront consideration, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and limit future risk.
  • Employment opportunities. You and your staff will find a new home within Concentra and have opportunities to grow within the company.
  • Efficient process. Our unparalleled transaction experience guarantees you an extremely respectful, confidential, and efficient process.

Hospital Programs & Partnerships

Here’s how hospitals and health systems benefit from partnering with us.

  • Expert operators. Our proficiency in occupational medicine and urgent care is second to none, enabling you to maintain downstream referrals while eliminating the headaches outside of your core business.
  • Advantageous structure. We’ll work with you to determine the ideal structure that benefits your occupational medicine program and broader health system efficiency.
  • Efficient process. Our unparalleled transaction experience guarantees you an extremely professional, confidential, and efficient process.