Employer Resources FAQ

Answers To Common Questions About Concentra

  • We can provide you with a packet of information about services and pricing in your area. To have a local account representative contact you, either complete the online contact form, or call the closest Concentra location using our Location Finder.

  • Employees and job candidates will need to bring a completed Employer Authorization for Treatment Form, signed by your designated company representative and indicating the service(s) to be performed. They must also provide a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID, employment badge or student identification card). We accept walk-ins for every service, including work injuries. Employees can find their nearest center with our Location Finder.

  • Your local center operations director will be happy to assist you with any billing questions. You can find the telephone number for your local Concentra medical center by using our Location Finder.

  • You can download an electronic copy of the Employer Authorization for Treatment Form directly from our website. You can also authorize directly via the Concentra Employer Portal. Sign up for the Portal today!

  • To learn more about what we offer, talk to one of our workforce health experts

    If you just want to learn more about the types of testing services—and the agencies that regulate them—visit their websites:

    Department of Labor (DOL)
    Department of Transportation (DOT)
    Federal Highway Administration (FHA)

  • Sign up for the Concentra Employer Portal to update your account information. 

    Your center operations director can also provide a complete review of your protocols and contact information and make any necessary updates. You can find their phone number with our Location Finder.

  • Be sure to provide your account representative with the zip codes for your various office locations. Your account representative will then identify relevant center locations and facilitate your account setup or introduce you to one of Concentra's national account sales managers for an appropriate follow-up on your extended needs.

  • A parent or legal guardian should accompany a minor. If you are not the legal guardian, you will need a notarized statement signed by a parent or the legal guardian authorizing you to give permission for services and billing, if appropriate.

  • Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of certain services—for example, drug testing and physical therapy—only the patient and staff are allowed in the testing and treatment areas. Be sure to let your employees know so they can make arrangements beforehand.