protecting the health of those who protect us

Exams for Public Service 

first responders

Due to the nature of their job, first responders need to protect their health—both for their own sake as well as for those they’re assisting. Concentra provides vaccinations and periodic infectious disease screenings for first responders. Call your local center to learn more about what’s available.

Physical Exams

First responders are critical components to the success of local, state and Federal governments, helping to keep its citizens safe. Given the variety of elements these personnel may encounter in any given day, the physical requirements are more complex than traditional physical exams can measure. Concentra has relationships with government agencies of all types, and helps employees maintain regulatory compliance.

Police Officer Physical Examinations

Police officers are physically active almost every day. Because their jobs are often physically stressful, it’s important for them to receive regular physical examinations. It’s also critical for officer candidates to receive pre-screenings to make sure they’re able to perform their jobs safely and without introducing illness to the citizens they protect. Concentra performs thorough evaluations and pre-screenings in accordance with all required local and state regulations to ensure the ongoing health and safety of all officers.

    Firefighter Physical Examinations

    Firefighters need to maintain the highest standards of physical fitness. This includes having the strength and fitness to climb stairs and ladders while lifting and carrying heavy objects, wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus, and carrying water-filled hoses. Firefighters are also exposed to hazardous chemicals and should be monitored for exposures throughout their career.  Because of this, it’s critical that firefighters receive the right physical exams—and pass them before going into the field.