Patient faq

Answers To Common Questions From Patients

  • Visit our Location Finder to find the center closest to you. We accept walk-ins for every service, including work injuries.  
  • Most of our centers aren’t open 24/7. To find out if a center near you has extended hours, visit our Location Finder.
  • You’ll need your photo ID and insurance card. If you’re visiting us for a work injury, you’ll also need to make sure you have a completed Employer Authorization for Treatment Form signed by your employer.
  • No. Only you and our staff are allowed in the testing and treatment areas. We recommend making childcare arrangements before your visit.
  • Concentra will not treat children under two years old. If your child is two or younger, please take them to their pediatrician or an emergency room.  
  • It depends on the kind of test that’s performed. Most tests will have your results in 24-48 hours.
  • Yes. Your parent or legal guardian should accompany you to your visit. If they can’t come, your employer will need to get a notarized statement signed by your parent or legal guardian that authorizes your care.
  • Yes. You can get physical therapy at any Concentra medical center. To find the center closest to you, please visit our Location Finder.
  • The cost of your visit depends on what you’re seeing us for, and whether you have insurance or not. If you have a work injury, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should pay for the visit.
  • Yes. Every Concentra center in the United States can perform DOT physicals.
  • At Concentra, we believe that doing as much as possible to keep your injury from disrupting your daily routine helps you recover faster and better. This means we do our best to help you keep up your normal routine after you get injured—at home and at work. Your doctor will only recommend return to work if it’s safe for you. If you’re worried about going back to work after an injury, talk to your Concentra clinician. He or she is there to help get your life back to normal as smoothly as possible after a work injury.
  • State of Florida regulations require telehealth service providers to post a link to the state’s practitioner directory for license verification. Check the Department of Health license verification.