Return-to-Work Physicals

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Getting You Back to Health

Return-to-work physical exams help to ensure that it’s safe for you to go back to work after an injury. If you’re not ready, they help determine when it would be right for you to return to work. This reduces your risk of getting injured again. One of Concentra’s most common return-to-work physicals is the “Functional Capacity Evaluation” (FCE).

About Functional Capacity Evaluations

FCEs help physicians, case managers, and other health care professionals make safe return-to-work and vocational recommendations. They tell you what you can safely do, and for how long. They also document any problems that may prevent you from returning to work or fully recovering. For your employer, they identify your safe working limits and give them information on how to modify your job after an injury or create new ergonomic solutions.

    Components of a FCE

    An FCE includes a comprehensive evaluation that documents your capabilities to safely perform your job and return to normal functions.  A Concentra therapist will perform an evaluation and document your ability to work from a physical, medical, behavioral, and ergonomic perspective. Components of an FCE include:

    • Neuro-musculoskeletal screening
    • Assessment of functional mobility
    • Measurement of postural tolerance
    • Testing manual material handling abilities
    • Testing non-material handling abilities
    • Assessment of maximum load tolerances or repetitions
    • Verification tests to confirm level of effort

    Concentra FCEs help the physician, or other appropriate health care providers to advise your employer in making safe return-to-work recommendations.


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