Diagnostic and Preventive Tests

Health Screenings 

Improving health awareness

Diagnostic screenings identify past, current, and potential medical problems. They can find out if you have risk factors for heart disease or diabetes and use that information to help your doctor recommend a plan for you to achieve better health. They’re a critical part of wellness and an important part of staying healthy.

Patient Privacy

We maintain strict privacy and confidentiality guidelines, and we only share an aggregate report of your workforce’s entire health assessment. Employees' individual results cannot be shared with the employer and remain confidential.

    What a Diagnostic Screening Includes

    Each diagnostic screening measures:

    • Height
    • Weight
    • Body mass index (BMI)
    • Blood pressure
    • Waist circumference (abdominal girth)
    • Fasting glucose / Blood sugar (the amount of sugar in the blood)
    • Total cholesterol
    • HDL and LDL cholesterol level
    • Triglyceride levels (the amount of fatty acids in the blood)

      What Happens If You're at Risk

      If three or more of your numbers are outside of the normal range, you may be considered at risk for health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. If you’re at risk, your Concentra clinician will recommend ways to lower your risk. This can include follow-up care, lifestyle changes, wellness interventions, or health coaching.

      Types of Diagnostic Tests We Provide

      • Lab cultures
      • Full lab panels
      • Pregnancy diagnosis
      • Biometric screenings
      • Hepatitis testing
      • STD testing