specialized treatment for complex cases

Streamlined Care For Injuries Needing Specialist Care 

What is Specialist Care?

When a complex, work-related injury occurs, the best treatment might require referral to a specialist.  Given the nature of an injury, how it occurred, and its impact on future use, a specialist might be the physician best suited to offer advanced expertise to improve restoration of function. Specialists can also recommend and perform procedures or surgical intervention that might help to reduce downtime, and improve the immediate and long-term outcome for the injury.

    Specialized Benefits for Patients

    At Concentra, our specialists will work closely with you to manage your treatment process and to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that will get you back to work and life faster. Following a referral from the primary Concentra clinicians to an affiliated specialist physician, your care can continue to be managed at Concentra throughout the entire life of the case—ensuring continuity of care, high quality and timely treatment with efficient case closure. We also communicate with your employer, when necessary, to keep everyone updated on your progress.

      Advanced Specialists

      We understand the disruption caused by injury or illness, and we are passionate about helping people heal smoothly and achieve their personal health goals. Concentra affiliates with many specialists, including, but not limited to: orthopedists, physiatrists, hand surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists, and other surgical and non-surgical providers. This includes agreements with more than 260 specialists nationwide, and access to specialists in more than 30 states.

        Concentra's Approach

        Our mission is to provide prompt access to quality specialty care. Our commitment to provide high quality, specialist care will never be compromised. At Concentra, you will:

        • Experience the convenience of treatment at a single location where most of your specialist treatments can be performed.
        • Experience the convenience of obtaining physical/occupational therapy in the same location as your specialist visit.
        • Receive welcoming, respectful, and skillful service from our advanced specialists.

          Your Specialist Visit

          Coping with an injury is hard enough. It’s important to us that we make your visit as simple and convenient as possible.

          • To set an appointment, call your Referral Coordinator at (866) 406-9976 to make a referral. They will confirm authorization and obtain your patient, employer, and referral source information.
          • After the referral is complete, we will pre-admit you as a patient and provide you with an appointment date and time.
          • After your appointment, we’ll give you a welcome call to introduce you to Concentra Advanced Specialists and our services and to provide you with valuable post-visit information.