Home Exercise Program

Personalized Exercises Extend Therapy Care

Personalized Home Exercises to Support Recovery

At Concentra, your health is our priority. Our goal is to get you back to work, play, and life faster. Completing all scheduled therapy appointments as well as following an at-home program are key to your fast and complete recovery.

What to Expect

After you come in for your first therapy appointment, your therapist will give you a personalized home exercise program for you to access online. You’ll get 3D animations of each exercise that they recommend, so you can see exactly what you need to do at home. Your therapist will also give you a one-page home exercise handout about your physical therapy program and talk with you about the program and why they chose it.

Why Home Exercise is Important

Home exercise programs help you get better faster. They help you get the most out of treatment and get back to normal strength right away. Even better, they give you control over your recovery, so you can see yourself improving every day.

Log in to see your customized home exercise program. Please talk to your physical therapist if you have any questions about the exercises. Your home exercise program is essential to your recovery.