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Protection Against The Seasonal Flu

Flu Vaccine 101

Concentra utilizes the Fluzone Quadrivalent flu vaccine, which protects against four virus strains. The Fluzone vaccine contains an inactivated form of the virus so it cannot give you the flu. There are several benefits to getting a flu shot, including:

  • Get the best possible protection against the flu
  • Lower your odds of missing time away from work and other activities
  • Reduce the severity of symptoms should you get the flu
  • Minimize the risk to your health and the health of your family

Published research has described human behaviors concerning flu shots. Some top characteristics of people who decide to get a flu shot include:

  • They care about protecting society, the community, and their work group
  • They are encouraged by their family, friends, and employers to get a flu shot
  • They are interested in protecting their health
  • They are taking steps to improve their health in other ways

Congratulations if you are generally healthy!

Supporting your immunity through a healthy diet and lifestyle can put you are a step ahead. But flu season is fickle. No one knows in advance how severe it will be or who will be most affected. Getting a flu shot is extra protection, even if you are generally healthy.

    Why Concentra?

    A healthy employee has a higher sense of wellbeing for the present and the future. Concentra’s commitment to making healthier workforces spans more than 40 years.

    Getting a flu shot early in the flu season, which typically begins in October, is recommended. It usually takes a couple weeks after the injection for the vaccination to reach its full effectiveness.

    Getting a flu shot in the fall can protect you all flu season.

    If you are looking for a place to get your annual flu shot, Concentra is an excellent choice:

    • All Concentra medical clinics – 540 nationwide – will have the flu vaccine starting in September and for as long as supplies last
    • Concentra medical clinics welcome walk-ins
    • Individuals suspected or confirmed with COVID-19 (whether showing symptoms or not) should postpone getting a flu vaccine until they have met the CDC’s criteria to discontinue isolation

    A flu shot is recommended for everyone six months of age and older without an allergy to the flu vaccine or any of its ingredients.