Work health expertise

Bringing Occupational Health to Employees 


Integrating onsite care with your existing health programs gives better value for your health care dollars. By giving employees options for care at the workplace, onsite care motivates them to live healthier lives and eliminates obstacles to better health – cost, access, and time. Join 45 percent of large companies and 25 percent of small companies by implementing onsite care at your workplace.

Partners all the way

Concentra collaborates with you by incorporating your health care data or using our assessment tools to collect it for your customized onsite program.

Choose an athletic trainer model that Is suitable for smaller companies, a fully staffed clinic ideal for larger employers, or other options in between. All come with a range of services employees need and leaders support.

    The concentra advantage

    Improve workforce health with Concentra’s onsite care. Only Concentra has more than 40 years of occupational health experience on a national scale. Through knowledge and innovation, we anticipate employers’ needs and create solutions, such as the first telemedicine program for workers’ compensation cases.

    Sample outcomes of Concentra’s onsite care include:

    • 78 percent reduction in work injuries at an international automaker
    • 70 percent reduction in recordable injuries for a global manufacturer
    • 47 percent reduction in primary care medical claims cost for a Kentucky municipality

      Our Approach

      We’ve been treating workplace injuries for decades. In fact, we helped to create the occupational health industry—and we continue to introduce innovations in employee health care today. Like early intervention, which helps get injured employees back to full function, faster. Or our consultative approach to population health and organizational evaluation, which analyzes your workforce and uses that data to create an onsite medical center and population health goals designed just for you.

      We achieve this through the following components: