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Work health expertise

Custom programs

We know that health at work is about more than treating injuries. It’s about supporting safety and wellness in the workplace with pre-placement exams, wellness coaching, drug testing, and preventive care. It’s about maintaining unmatched expertise in managing the delivery of convenient, high-quality care for your employees while helping to minimize the impact on your business. It all adds up to improved care for your workers, smarter solutions for your company, and enhanced outcomes for everyone.

Onsite By Design Meeting

Onsite By design

Before implementing an onsite health center, Concentra performs an Organizational Evaluation for the employer. This evaluation gathers data about your workforce, workplace, and the goals you want to accomplish. We use this data to develop the onsite health center that will be most effective for your workforce. The result is a solution that provides fully scalable and customizable services for your workforce.

    Concentra Advantage

    The concentra advantage

    Concentra takes a consultative approach to health, with input and a data-driven approach to identify the needs of your workforce and create a unique onsite just for you. Through our 25+ years of unmatched expertise in the delivery of high-quality employee care to the workplace, we know what programs are essential to meet your current needs as well as your long-term health and wellness goals.

    A municipality with more than 5000 employees who partnered with Concentra to create an onsite center now shows 19% lower claims costs overall, including:

    • 45% lower inpatient medical claims costs
    • 20% lower outpatient medical claims
    • 28% lower pharmacy costs

      Our Approach

      We’ve been treating workplace injuries for decades. In fact, we helped to create the occupational health industry—and we continue to introduce innovations in employee health care today. Like early intervention, which helps get injured employees back to full function, faster. Or our consultative approach to population health and organizational evaluation, which analyzes your workforce and uses that data to create an onsite medical center and population health goals designed just for you.

      We achieve this through the following components: