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Coronavirus 2019

Concentra® has proactively implemented measures to prepare for and respond to the Coronavirus in the United States. Concentra’s Coronavirus Task Force has prepared the following information to keep you up to date on our procedures and processes. We are working closely with local health officials and monitoring CDC, WHO, OSHA, and other organizations to remain abreast of current guidelines.

Additional Information and Resources

  • A Message from Concentra’s Chief Medical Officer

    Download letter from John Anderson, DO.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Coronavirus Testing for Return-to-Work Clearance

    Concentra medical centers now offer COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic employees to provide initial clearance for return to work.

    Concentra recommends initial screening using our COVID-19 Assessment. Your employees complete our assessment questionnaire and a Concentra clinician reviews the responses to determine if the employee may go to work or if testing for active COVID-19 infection, testing for COVID-19 antibodies, or an in-person clinical examination is recommended.

    Concentra offers COVID-19 RNA testing to detect the virus in asymptomatic individuals. RNA testing, when positive, indicates active infection. Concentra also offers COVID-19 antibody testing for possible immunity. Your choice of testing can be paired with ongoing surveillance. Options include:

    • COVID-19 Antibody Test – Initial: includes comprehensive screening and tests employees for possible COVID-19 immunity
    • COVID-19 RNA Test – Initial: includes comprehensive screening and tests employees for active COVID-19 infection
    • COVID-19 RNA Test – Surveillance: includes ongoing screening and testing of employees for active COVID-19 infection
    • COVID-19 Return-to-Work Clearance: following a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 illness or exposure; includes return-to-work evaluation and screening

    To request an evaluation, please call your local Concentra medical center.

    Employees will need to complete all sections of the forms, which includes the assessment questionnaire.

    Please note: Concentra medical centers are not performing diagnostic testing for COVID-19 for symptomatic patients.

  • Risk Factors and Symptoms of Coronavirus

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides guidelines on risk factors and symptoms and offers the  Coronavirus Self Checker to help individuals make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care.

  • Minimizing the Risk of Exposure

    Concentra is taking all possible precautions to minimize the risk of exposure to patients and our staff. We have implemented several measures to address potential COVID-19 cases, including:

    • Posted notifications on the doors to our centers to instruct individuals with COVID-19 symptoms to use drive-through/outdoor testing stations where available or contact their health care provider or local health department.
    • Rigorous clinical triage including use of a screening questionnaire. Should we identify as a potential COVID-19 case, the patient will be immediately moved to designated areas or rooms to separate this individual from other patients and our staff.
    • Enhanced cleaning protocols that include frequent disinfection of door handles and other hard surfaces to help reduce and mitigate possible contamination. Hand sanitizer is available and frequent hand washing is encouraged. 
  • Face Coverings and Masks

    Concentra is now requiring all patients to wear a face covering or mask when visiting a Concentra medical center to help protect other patients and our staff from exposure to COVID-19. We request patients bring/wear their own face covering or mask, but if they do not have one, we will provide one for their use. Patients who refuse to wear a face covering or mask without presenting a valid reason, may be asked to leave the medical center.
  • Suspension of Routine Occupational Spirometry Testing

    Download current guidelines that links to attached document.
  • Respirator Exams and Fit Testing Guidelines

  • Find a Concentra Location

    Some center hours are changing. For details on hours and locations of Concentra medical centers near you, click here. Please call the center directly, if you have questions.
  • Concentra Telemed®

    Concentra Telemed® is the first telemedicine platform designed for the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses. Since its launch in 2017, thousands of employees nationwide have trusted Concentra Telemed clinicians to provide the right care at the right time — no need to leave work or home. Using a smartphone or computer, an employee can connect with a licensed Concentra clinician and receive immediate attention to minor medical issues, work injury care rechecks, physical therapy, and more. Click here to get started.

    In addition, Concentra has recently expanded its offering. If you and/or your employees have an existing relationship with a center and want to continue working with the team you know and trust, telemedicine visits can be arranged by calling the center directly. Contact information for all Concentra medical centers is available on Services will be provided during current hours of operation and include:

    • Initial treatment of minor, work-related injuries and illnesses
    • Rechecks for employees who were previously seen at a Concentra medical center
    • Concentra Telerehab® for employees who were previously seen at a Concentra medical center and want to continue physical therapy regimens at home
    • Return-to-work evaluations for asymptomatic employees with possible exposure to COVID-19

    Please visit the Concentra Telemed web page to see our complete offering and learn how to get started.

  • Resources for Employers

  • Resources for Employees