6 Ways to Secretly Help Your Team Be Healthier

Michael Galvan

There has been a big shift among employers in the last few years to focus on employee wellness. Programs and activities that empower workers to make healthy lifestyle behaviors and choices are proving to be extremely effective.

A study by the Harvard Business Review found that the “hard ROI” of wellness programs can be as high as 6 to 1. That’s an incredible return! Part of the reason for employee wellness program success is that they can help reduce risk for chronic conditions. Chronic conditions, like heart disease and diabetes, can generate expensive medical bills and sap employee productivity.

Employers and employees mutually benefit from good employee wellness strategies. If you're interested in implementing a widespread culture of employee health at your company, it’s often a good idea to start with small progressive steps. Here are six ways to secretly start helping your team members become a little bit healthier.

1. Encourage Walking Meetings

Walking is a great way to get some activity and pump life into your staff. If it’s a nice day out, consider a 15 minute outdoor walk and talk. These sessions can invigorate employees and cut into the long hours of sitting associated with the average office workday.

2. Update the Choices in Company Vending Machines

This is an easy way to present your team with better snack and meal options. Talk to your vending machine supply company and see if they can substitute in healthier replacements. Options like raisins and crackers are good alternatives to candy bars and chips.

3. Hold Weekly Fitness Challenges

Fitness can be fun! Encourage your team members to enter into a friendly fitness competition. For example, some companies will hold contests for most number of steps walked and reward the winner with a small prize. These challenges are a good way to motivate your workers and encourage participation.

4. Help Your Team Drop Bad Habits

Bad habits like smoking tobacco can greatly increase a person’s risk for a myriad of diseases. One of the best ways to improve overall staff wellness is to simply help team members quit destructive habits. Offer your employees free or reduced prices on products like nicotine patches that help your workers drop bad habits. Financial incentives for tobacco cessation are also popular.

5. Encourage Group Vaccinations

Everyone knows when an office bug is going around. To help your team be more productive, think about arranging for onsite influenza vaccines. These shots can help save your productivity when it comes to flu season.

6. Create a Personal Goal Whiteboard          

Put up a white board where employees can write down their personal wellness goals. This is an awesome way to get your team involved and to generate enthusiasm about personal nutrition and fitness.

Work can be a place where employees have fun and work toward a healthier lifestyle. The aggregate benefit of a successful wellness program is impressive. Lower medical costs, higher employee engagement, and a better work environment are just some of the potential benefits. Start using these tips around the office to help your team be the best that they can be.

Interested in learning more tips to keep your workforce safe and healthy? Talk to a Concentra work health expert about our solutions.