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Fitness-for-Duty Exams

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What Are Fitness-for-Duty Exams?

Fitness-for-duty exams (or fitness-for-duty physicals) are designed to make sure that workers can safely perform their jobs. This makes them an essential part of workplace safety and safe return to work. Fitness-for-duty exams can be performed for employees who are currently working and those who are returning to work after an injury.

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    Understanding Fitness for Duty

    Sometimes, employers may worry that an employee’s medical condition makes it unsafe for them to perform their job. A fitness-for-duty exam determines if the employee is physically and/or psychologically able to safely perform their current role. These specialized exams are typically reserved for more labor-intensive roles, and the exams are unique to each employer and their positions. What’s examined depends on the employee’s role and their unique circumstances. This can often include lifting heavy objects overhead, crouching and bending for prolonged periods of time, and maneuvering into small spaces.

      Return to Work

      Return-to-Work Applications

      A fitness-for-duty exam is required when an employee is ready to return to work after a serious illness or injury. The exam makes sure that the employee can safely perform their job again, that they’re ready to return to work, and that they can return to work without risking re-injury. When fitness-for-duty exams are performed for return to work, they’re often called “return-to-work exams.”

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