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Wellness Goes to Work

Bringing medical care to the workplace often means routine injury care for common cuts, scrapes, burns, and minor issues. In other instances, it may mean active stretching for an especially active workforce. But the whole health of an employee can have an impact on his or her ability to perform their job, and ultimately can impact an employer’s productivity. Given that understanding, many employers are seeking ways to introduce comprehensive health and wellness solutions to the workplace that not only protect employees’ current health, but can also help to improve their long-term well-being and reduce the future risks of a health crisis.

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    How Your Employees Benefit

    Through Concentra’s onsite wellness solutions, we create comprehensive programs that combine our expertise in clinical care, with class-leading health services, fitness and nutrition, chronic condition management, lifestyle intervention, and more. Together, we can deliver a complete and integrated system of health tools to maximize participation and engagement of your employees in their own health, while delivering and managing the care they need at any stage of their life. Get the health and wellness solutions you need for your business with a Concentra Onsite Center.