Onsite preventive Services

Stop Injuries Before They Occur 

Preventive Intervention

Many employers are seeking ways to introduce comprehensive health care solutions, moving from a model that treats injuries to one focused on injury prevention. With Concentra® Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainer onsite services, employers can deploy these preventive benefits where they best connect with employees – the workplace. Concentra preventive services can help employers conveniently and cost-effectively manage musculoskeletal complaints on-site, before they become disabling injuries. Additionally, our ergonomics and functional assessments prevent injuries, protecting your bottom line and your employees’ health.

    Core Components

    Emerging Technology

    As a leader in occupational health, Concentra looks to integrate cutting edge technology and innovative solutions that produce tangible results. With the use of emerging technology, we can help you get the most out of your preventive services program. Examples of technology currently available for preventive services programs include the following:

    • Wearable technology that delivers actionable real-time data on employee biomechanics informs treatment and ergonomic improvements.
    • Custom reporting built to show preventive services by location, shift, and other variables.
    • Real-time dashboard made to provide analytics and statistics on musculoskeletal management, job analyses, and other services data.


      Concentra’s preventive services are built to be flexible to your needs. Our physical therapy and athletic trainer models offer differing levels of service and injury intervention to fit your budget while still providing excellent care for your employees. These service models can be a component of a larger, integrated onsite clinic or can stand alone as an independent service for smaller employers. We’ll work with you to tailor a solution that can help minimize workplace injuries and elevate workforce health. Connect with an expert to see how Concentra preventive services fit into your employee safety and wellness objectives.