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Clinical health services delivered onsite

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Workplace health clinics

Concentra was founded by physicians, so it’s no surprise that our core focus is delivering the highest quality of medical care. From day one, we’ve employed an evidence-based, outcomes-focused approach to improving employee health at the onsite which can include occupational health, injury care, urgent care, physical therapy and wellness services. We’ve operated onsite centers of all shapes and sizes for employers in various industries including manufacturing, municipalities, corporate offices, retail, healthcare, financial services and others. You can count on us to consistently deliver expert clinical care, positive results, and efficient, friendly clinics at your location.

Clinical Components

Onsite health center physician showing a patient their occupational services

Clinic and Staffing Models

Staffing can vary from a single individual, such as an RN or an athletic trainer, to a full clinical team that can include physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, nurses, health coaches, x-ray technicians, and support staff.

Onsite clinic models include:
  • Occupational Medicine Model: services focused on work injury and illness treatment, and clinical testing
  • Urgent Care Model: focused on episodic, acute, and wellness care
  • Occupational Medicine + Urgent Care Model: combines two models described above
  • Integrated Solution: employees have access to onsite and Concentra’s 300+ centers nationwide