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Workplace health clinics

Concentra was founded by physicians, so it’s no surprise that our core focus is delivering the highest quality of medical care. From day one, we’ve employed an evidence-based, outcomes-focused approach to improving employee health at the onsite which can include occupational health, injury care, primary care, urgent care, chronic condition management, physical therapy and wellness services. We’ve operated onsite centers of all shapes and sizes for employers in various industries including manufacturing, municipalities, corporate offices, retail, healthcare, financial services and others. You can count on us to consistently deliver expert clinical care, positive results, and efficient, friendly clinics at your location.

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    How Your Employees Benefit

    Concentra Onsites provide care across a continuum of worker health needs.  In addition to worker injury and illness management we can help guide employees to employee assistance programs, behavioral health services, disease management, and wellness programs. They also communicate with ancillary programs to maintain a continuum of care. This coordination of care helps reduce costs due to chronic disease. If specialty care is needed, our providers will make appropriate referrals, using providers in your network where possible.  We help break down the silos of care to ensure employees receive coordinated care while taking full advantage of their healthcare options and benefits.   Convenient medical care at the onsite allows employees to address any medical concerns with same-day treatment, without sacrificing time away from work or home.

    Our onsite center options are scalable, so you can choose the most appropriate and efficient combination of medical services and staff based on your strategy and goals for employee health.

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