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Complimentary Transportation Service for Your Injured Employees

Call for Pickup

Use our transportation service to get your injured employee from work or home to a nearby Concentra medical center for treatment. With one quick phone call to your local center you can request pickup. You provide us with the employee’s name and phone number, and a ride will be on its way. Our transportation service is simple, convenient, and complimentary.

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    How It Works

    1. Your employee is injured at work and reports the injury to his/her supervisor. The supervisor completes an incident report and treatment authorization.
    2. The supervisor calls a local Concentra medical center to request transportation for the injured employee.
    3. The employee and supervisor get a text message notifying them that a ride has been scheduled.
    4. When the driver is on the way, the employee gets another text message with ride and driver details.
    5. The driver arrives at the scheduled pick-up location to take the employee to the nearest Concentra medical center, then drops him or her off for care. If necessary, Concentra will also arrange the employee’s return transportation.
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      Features That Benefit You

      • There When You Need Us. We offer on-demand rides, curbside pickup and drop-off, and the option to schedule rides for future visits – no smartphone app or tip required.
      • Fast Access to Expert Care. We’ll take your employees right to the medical center, making it easy for them to get care right away after they’re injured.
      • Reduced Time Away from Work. We take your employees to and from their visit, with no time spent on arranging transportation and minimal wait time.
      • Trusted Transportation Partner. Concentra has partnered with One Call Care Management, the leading provider of specialized solutions in the workers’ compensation industry, to provide this service.

        See What’s Available in Your State

        Although we offer our transportation service in all states with operating Concentra centers, what we provide varies by state. Concentra provides transportation for initial injury visits in all states. In most states, we also provide transportation for all injury-related visits, including re-checks, physical therapy and specialty visits. Discover what we provide in your state below.

        Ready to Ride?

        Contact your local Concentra medical center to arrange transportation for your employee.