Workforce Flu Shots

Seasonal Flu Shots For Employees 

Flu Shots Promote a Healthy Workforce

Each year, businesses lose 20 million workdays of productivity due to seasonal flu. Flu shots are the top recommendation to help avoid flu illness and minimize the effects of the flu if contracted. Research shows flu shots also:

  • Reduce worsening of chronic heart and lung conditions and diabetes
  • Significantly decrease medical visits and hospitalizations

A flu shot offers protection all flu season.

    Bring Flu Vaccines Onsite 

    Looking to boost employee seasonal flu vaccination? The CDC recommends onsite flu vaccination events as a benefit for employers and employees. Studies have shown that employee flu vaccine participation rises when vaccine drives occur at the workplace, driving down overall illness rates in an employer’s workforce. The benefits of onsite vaccination include reduced time away from work for vaccination and reduced costs due to employee illness.

    Concentra currently offers onsite vaccination events for customer locations with 100+ employees. See if onsite vaccination is right for your workforce.

    Why Concentra

    Concentra provides flu shots at 540 locations across the country. Concentra utilizes the Fluzone Quadrivalent flu vaccine, which protects against four virus strains. We recommend getting a flu vaccine at the start of the flu season in September. However, getting a flu shot later in the season can still provide benefits, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that flu season in the U.S. typically peaks between late December and early March.

    Concentra medical clinics – close, convenient, with walk-in service – will have the flu vaccine beginning in September for as long as supplies last.