Telerehab for continuing care

Flexible physical therapy and rehabilitation

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What is Concentra Telerehab?

Concentra's goal is to make the injury care process more convenient for employers and employees. Concentra Telerehab is a telemedicine solution designed to maintain continuity of care treatment through recovery, improving treatment outcomes and yielding high levels of satisfaction. It offers the same benefits of in-person physical and occupational therapy, as employees can complete their therapy regimens with a single therapist.

    How It Works

    To use Concentra Telerehab, your employee will need photo ID, internet access, and a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a webcam and microphone. After setting up a telerehab appointment with their physical or occupational therapist, employees can access Concentra Telerehab by:

    • Visiting from their computer or mobile device
    • Downloading the Concentra Telemed app on their smartphone or tablet from Google Play or the Apple App Store

      How to use Concentra Telerehab

        Concentra Telerehab Benefits and What it Treats

        Minor initial injuries can be treated via Concentra Telerehab. These include:

        • Grade I and II upper and lower extremity strains/sprains without suspected or subjective instability
        • Back strains/sprains without significant limitations
        • Neck strains/sprains without significant limitations
        • Tendinitis/repetitive-use injuries
        • Bruises/contusions

        Concentra Telerehab® keeps employee recovery on-track as employees can maintain compliance with their treatment plan and continue therapy through situations that may disrupt in-person therapy including:

        • Long commutes from employee home/work to medical center
        • Pandemic isolations, quarantines, and medical center closures
        • Adverse weather events
        • Other transportation challenges

          Frequently Asked Questions

          • To access Concentra Telerehab, employees will need their photo ID, internet access, and an internet-enabled device (i.e., smartphone, tablet, or computer) with a webcam and microphone. A quiet, private place should also be set aside for the employee’s visit with the physical and occupational therapist.

          • Recommended mobile device options are as follows:

            • Any Apple (iOS) device newer than 3 years old and running iOS 8 or higher
            • Any Android device newer than 2 years old and running Android 4.4 or higher

            For the best experience using the mobile app, a Wi-Fi connection of 4G or higher is recommended using a current iOS or Android device with a mic and webcam.

          • The length of each Telerehab visit varies depending on each employee’s treatment needs. It’s worth noting that with telemedicine, no time is spent traveling to and from a medical facility.

          • An employee will be referred to Concentra Telerehab by a clinician or physical or occupational therapist at one of our medical centers. The physical or occupational therapist or clinician will recommend Concentra Telerehab based on the employee’s medical history and when deemed clinically appropriate.

          • After an employee is referred to Telerehab during a visit or appointment at a medical center, their initial Telerehab appointment will be scheduled during checkout. After their first Telerehab appointment, the employee will schedule a follow-up appointment, if necessary, with the physical therapist or physical or occupational therapist support specialist.

          • Concentra Telerehab deploys a HIPAA-compliant system of secure communication to main the integrity of your employees’ protected health information (PHI). The platform is equipped to monitor communications for prevention of accidental or malicious breaches. In addition, Concentra does not record video visits or store patient records in this platform.

          • Currently, Concentra Telerehab is available during the same local business hours as the medical center of the physical or occupational therapist who will be working with the employee.

          • The visit charge is the same, as you’re still paying for the physical or occupational therapist’s expertise. The cost savings come from the amount of time saved because employees:

            • Don’t have to leave work for treatment
            • Don’t spend time sitting in a waiting room
            • Can continue their treatment without the roadblocks that may prevent an in-person visit, potentially improving recovery time for better return-to-work outcomes.
          • Yes, Concentra Telerehab receives the same 24/7 technical support of Concentra Telemed.