CMCA Portal

Manage your company’s drug testing program

About the CMCA Portal

With the CMCA Portal, you'll easily find everything you need to manage your testing program and use it at any time from any web-enabled device. You can access the portal using the email address and one-time password provided in your portal invitation. After you log in, you’ll be able to view your company information, create or retrieve reports, and more. Watch our video for more information or jump to a section below to learn more about specific features.

Companies Section

In the Companies section of the CMCA Portal, you can view details on participants, pending random selection, and other important information. Depending on your organization, you may have one company page or different pages for company sub-divisions. Each page will include sections on locations, results, random profile, participant management, and document uploads. 

Results Section

With the Results section, you can view, search, filter, and sort every result you have access to. Additionally, you can automatically generate a Result Letter. For your convenience, the CMCA Portal allows you to save specific filters for future use. 

Random Profile Section

The Random Profile section helps you manage organization’s random selection program. You can add, update, and terminate members of your roster and information about selected testing. You can also view batch history and differentiate between employees covered by Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and non-DOT employees.

Participant Management Section

The Participant Management section enables you to manage the participants in your testing program. You can upload the names of participants you want to include and search by name for individual participant results.