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Concentra Employer Portal

Online account management

Benefits of Employer Portal

The Concentra Employer Portal is a self-service, online tool that brings your employees’ test results, reporting, and authorizations online—making it easier and more convenient to get the information you need to run your business, when you need it.

The Concentra Employer Portal includes:

  • Access to employee injury and non-injury results
  • Online access to employee visit status
  • Easy-to-use electronic authorization forms for download, print, or email
  • Ability to manage and validate your own account information 

Take a tour of the new Employer Portal

Watch this demo video to learn about some of the key features and functions of the Employer Portal, and how to manage your account online – including where to view real-time reports. 

Employer Data

APS Discontinued for Employers

To streamline your Concentra experience, a new and improved portal has been created and APS is being phased out. Sign up for our new Concentra Employer Portal to get all the reports you used to—and more—online for free. Call the number below to set up an account.


APS Still Available for Payors

A new Concentra portal for payors is in the works! We’ll let you know about the new portal as soon as it’s here, but in the meantime, please continue to use the APS system. 

  • I don’t have an account with Concentra. How do I get one?

    We’d love to help you set up an account with Concentra! Please fill out the form and we’ll get in contact with you soon. After your account has been set up, we’ll get you started on Employer Portal.

  • I’m an existing Concentra customer, but I don’t have access to the employer portal. How do I get it?

    To get an Employer Portal account, contact 1-844-305-8868.

  • I’m an existing Concentra customer with access to Employer Portal. What can I do with it?

    With our Employer Portal, you can:

    • Update your account information online
    • Manage and review your employee authorizations
    • Communicate special instructions and key information prior to an employee visit
    • Review, search, and download injury and non-injury results and reporting

    We’ll be adding new features to the Portal over the next 12 months, including online bill pay and employee appointment scheduling. If you have an account and can’t access it, try resetting your password on the portal homepage or contact 1-844-305-8868.

  • What is Concentra’s Employer Portal?

    It’s a new website (portal.concentra.com) that lets you manage your Concentra account online. You can view reports, get status updates on results, and more—24/7 from any smartphone or computer.

  • What can I do with Concentra’s Employer Portal?

    • Receive and view injury visit results and reports
    • Access non-injury visit results, including DOT cards for DOT physicals
    • Manage your account and contact information
    • Create authorizations online for printing or emailing to your employee
    • Directly link to the drug screen results portal
  • Why should I sign up for the Employer Portal?

    Starting January 2, 2018, the Employer Portal will be the single source to get your employees’ visit related results information. It also offers you:

    • Convenient resource for all your Concentra visit transactions
    • Quick and easy authorizations
    • Custom service packages when you have a unique need
    • Fast account results in less time with direct access 24/7
    • Improved control over your account
  • I remember getting an email about the Employer Portal, but I don’t have my login information anymore.

    Call 1-844-305-8868 and we’ll send you your login information.

  • I have an Employer Portal account, but I need to reset my password.

    You can reset your password on the portal home page. If you’re having trouble resetting your password, contact us at 1-844-305-8868. We’re available 7am to 630pm CST, Monday through Friday.
  • What functions can an Admin User perform as compared to a View Only/Basic User?

    Admin Users can perform the following functions:

    • View Company Account Information
    • Edit Company Account Information
    • View Authorizations
    • Create Authorizations
    • Delete Authorizations
    • Grant User Access
    • Edit User Access

    View Only Users can perform the following functions:

    • View Company Account Information
    • View Authorizations
    • Create Authorizations
  • Can I pay my bill through the Employer Portal?

    No. This functionality is not currently available through Concentra’s Employer Portal.

  • Can I attend a demo or training for the Employer Portal?

    A demo of Concentra’s Employer Portal will be available on our website in November 2017, www.Concentra.com. If you need additional support or training on using the Employer Portal, please contact our Customer Support team.

  • How do I authorize services using the Employer Portal?

    To authorize services for one of your employees, use the Authorizations function in the Employer Portal. First enter your employee’s information and select the services you are authorizing. You can print the authorization or email it to your employee. Your employee must bring the authorization to the center printed or as an email that can be forwarded to our front desk at Check-In.

  • Can I still get my results through fax or mail?

    No. Beginning January 2, 2018, the Employer Portal is the single source for all of Concentra’s reporting. You can use the portal to view injury and non-injury service results, authorize services, and update contact information online. The new portal.concentra.com replaces healthservices.concetraaps.com, mail, email, and fax methods for sharing results.

  • What results and reports can I receive in the Employer Portal?

    Most of your reports are available in the portal, including:

    • Injury Activity Status Report
    • First Notice of Injury Letter
    • Patient Referral Report
    • Recheck Appointment Reminder Letter
    • Employee No Show Letter
    • Applicable State Reports
    • Employer Patient Visit Report
    • Custody and Control Form
    • Alcohol Testing Form
    • Link to Drug Screen Results Portal for Pass/Fail results
    • Non-injury Activity Status Report
      • MEC DOT Card and MER Long Form
    • Results Non-Injury Services
      • Pre-placement Physical Results
      • Human Performance Evaluation (HPE) Results
      • Respiratory Clearance
      • Fit Test Results
      • Medical Surveillance Medical Opinion Letters
      • Test and Lab Pass/Fail Results
      • Vaccine Administration Records
      • Other physicals and ancillary service results
      • Your company’s proprietary occupational health forms

    *Italics indicates the filename for the result as it will be displayed in the Employer Portal Results view.

  • What if I need results for services not listed above?

    Speak with a Concentra Account Representative who will configure your contact information to include the non-standard results. These results will also be reported through the Employer Portal.

  • Can my employee hand-carry results?

    Our patients can request a copy of their results at Check-Out. However, if you have a special reporting need, such as sending results in a sealed envelope, speak with a Concentra Account Representative who will configure your contact information to include your non-standard reporting request.

  • I did not receive the results I expected in the Employer Portal?

    If you’re having trouble viewing results or did not receive results documents you expected, contact us at 1-844-305-8868. We’re available 7am to 630pm CST, Monday through Friday.

  • How can I view all results for an employee at the same time?

    Use the Search function on the Results page to find all results related to an employee. Multiple result files for an employee or multiple employees can be selected at the same time and downloaded into a single PDF for viewing, saving or printing.