Employer Portal

Concentra Employer Portal

Online account management

  • I don’t have an account with Concentra. How do I get one?

    We’d love to help you set up an account with Concentra! Please fill out the form and we’ll get in contact with you soon. After your account has been set up, we’ll get you started on Employer Portal.

  • I’m an existing Concentra customer, but I don’t have access to the employer portal. How do I get it?

    To get an Employer Portal account, contact 1-844-305-8868.

  • I’m an existing Concentra customer with access to Employer Portal. What can I do with it?

    With our Employer Portal, you can:

    • Update your account information online
    • Manage and review your employee authorizations
    • Communicate special instructions and key information prior to an employee visit
    • Review, search, and download injury results and reporting

    We’ll be adding new features to the Portal over the next 12 months, including online bill pay and employee appointment scheduling. If you have an account and can’t access it, try resetting your password on the portal homepage or contact 1-844-305-8868.

Employer Data

APS Discontinued for Employers

To streamline your Concentra experience, a new and improved portal has been created and APS is being phased out. Sign up for our new Concentra Employer Portal to get all the reports you used to—and more—online for free. Call the number below to set up an account.


APS Still Available for Payors

A new Concentra portal for payors is in the works! We’ll let you know about the new portal as soon as it’s here, but in the meantime, please continue to use the APS system.