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Working in health care can be tough. It’s even tougher when you’re starting in a new clinic. Medical assistants are often asked to jump right in to patient care, without getting the time and support you need to adjust to a new workplace and team.

Not at Concentra. Here, you’ll spend your first weeks at our clinics in a comprehensive orientation program that introduces you to your new clinic, colleagues, and Concentra before you start in full-time patient care. We value your contributions and give you the tools you need to succeed, right from the very start.

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    "I’ve been part of Concentra for more than 25 years now, and I can say honestly that I’d be honored to stay with Concentra until I retire—and then volunteer for them! Concentra’s open door policy, commitment, honesty, integrity, and loyalty to its employees all make me proud to work for them. Working in a family-oriented organization has always made me feel safe and “treated right,” and I’ve had many opportunities to do more with my career. I was able to work flexible hours to complete my education, for example, and I’m now able to share that experience with the company."

    - Michael, Medical Assistant

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