NRCME Certification for medical examiners

Why Choose Concentra for Your Medical Certification

Concentra performs over 600,000 DOT exams per year, and we strive to promote the highest level of professional standards among our medical examiners. To help train our certified medical examiners, we created a DOT FMCSA medical examiner training course.

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All medical examiners who conduct Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examinations for Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers are required to complete training on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) physical qualification standards. To qualify as a certified medical examiner and be listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME), health care professionals must complete the necessary training and testing to meet the certification requirements for the evaluation of CMV drivers.

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    NRCME Certification FAQ

    What is the National Registry? Who can perform FMCSA medical examinations for commercial vehicle drivers? How do I become a certified medical examiner? Do I have to pay for my own training and testing?

    Find answers to these questions and more in our certification FAQ.

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    Details About the Curriculum

    Concentra’s training course is an interactive and focused learning experience. You can use the curriculum to prepare for the exam set by the FMCSA to be listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Topics include: the medical examiner’s role, driver medical history and examination, testing, certification, and reporting.