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Concentra front office colleagues are often the face of our organization, greeting patients when they arrive to our centers. But the role goes beyond just patient interaction. These talented individuals are responsible for assisting the main operations of our center. This includes answering phones, processing paperwork, and helping patients and employers receive the care and guidance they need. You set the tone for the whole patient visit – making it one of the most important jobs in the organization.

    Andrea Ambra

    I love my Concentra family!

    "I enjoy helping others any way I can, and I’ve stayed at Concentra so long because I truly enjoy my job. More importantly, though, I’ve stayed for my Concentra family. Everyone works together as a team, from the leadership team to the clinicians and the operational staff members, like me. Every day is different, and I’m constantly learning new things. I love that I can have a positive impact on someone’s day just by going a little extra for them when they might be having a bad day, or they’re sick or injured."

    – Andrea, Front Desk Specialist

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