Email Encryption

Email Encryption

Your Privacy Is Important to Us

Concentra believes that privacy is paramount, especially when it comes to sensitive and confidential information, and is implementing an e-mail encryption system as a proactive step to create an added layer of security, protecting the exchange of protected health information (PHI).

    Establishing A Secure Connection Enter Password Example

    Establishing a Secure Connection

    Following the transmission of an encrypted e-mail, clients will receive an e-mail notice about the message with a link to set-up an account. Recipients will need to establish their e-mail as a secure server site. This can be accomplished in two ways:

    1. Recipients can register their information as an accepted user name and password by following the steps in the e-mail notification, which includes setting up a log-in and password within the encryption site.
    2. A client company can receive sensitive information directly through e-mail, by setting up a TLS connection between your company's e-mail client and Concentra's e-mail system. Through the TLS connection, every member of your organization will be cleared to receive information without the need for each individual to create his/her own account and password in order to view the e-mail.
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      Types of Encryption Information

      Beginning Aug. 1, any e-mail from Concentra that contains certain sensitive and confidential information or PHI will be encrypted. This new level of security will not affect every e-mail message; only e-mail messages that contain any of the following information will be encrypted:

      • Social Security Numbers
      • National Drug Code Diagnoses, Code Names, and Code Routes
      • CMS Procedure Codes
      • ICD-9 Codes
      • American Banking Association Numbers
      • Credit Card Numbers

      For more information about Concentra's encryption system, clients should contact their account representative or Concentra's toll-free client number at 1-800-232-3550.