The Simple Way to Improve Employee Health

Haley Bass

Whether your company’s goals are to reduce injuries, cut health care costs, or improve employee health, an occupational health program has the tools to help you achieve them. Occupational health, sometimes referred to as employee health, helps employers keep their employees safe and healthy, and Concentra has one of the largest and most effective programs in the nation.

From screening potential hires and complying with regulations, to preventing and treating illnesses and injuries, an occupational health program with Concentra can provide the services you need for a safer, healthier workforce.

Here are some of the employee health services Concentra can provide.


Physicals can be used to keep employees safe, comply with regulations, and check general employee health issues. In labor-intensive roles, employees must be able to meet certain physical requirements to perform their jobs safely. A human performance evaluation (HPE) compares the physical abilities of an employee to the physical requirements of a job, determining whether the employee is fit for the job. HPE’s can evaluate a variety of functional tasks, like lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling. These physicals are often completed for potential hires or employees returning to work after an injury. At Concentra, we can provide physicals for all your work health needs.

There are also physical exams required for jobs that impact the public’s safety, like commercial truck drivers, pilots, military service members, and emergency responders. These physicals are regulated by government agencies, and are referred to as “regulatory exams.” They often need to be maintained on a regular basis and have specific medical requirements for an employee to continue working. Concentra maintains an understanding of regulatory requirements and has a certified medical examiner at all our centers.

Drug Tests

Pre-employment drug tests are a common practice in the hiring process, as employers want to avoid additional injury risks for their workforce. Employers commonly use the 5-Panel Test, which screens for five illegal drugs: amphetamines (meth/ecstasy), THC (marijuana), cocaine, opioids (heroin/morphine), and phencyclidine (PCP). Pre-employment drug testing is a legal process that can save a lot of time and money for the company.

Employers can also have a fully developed substance abuse management program for continued drug testing. Concentra’s Medical Compliance Administration (CMCA) provides a customized drug and alcohol program to fit your testing needs. CMCA helps companies maintain regulatory compliance, administers random drug testing, and offers online drug and alcohol training. We also manage the collection, lab, Medical Review Officer (MRO), and reporting functions under one roof, making the process even more convenient.

Screenings and Vaccinations

A variety of preventive screenings and vaccinations can help protect employee health on the job, whether they’re managing hazardous chemicals, traveling to a foreign country, or working in a busy office during flu season.

For employers who work with hazardous materials, medical surveillance experts can help employers reduce workers’ exposure to occupational hazards, lowering the risk of acute health issues. If employees are regularly exposed to hazards at work, like toxic chemicals or extremes of temperature or noise, medical surveillance exams will protect workers by enabling quality control processes.

Travel-related injuries and illnesses cost employers over $650 million a year in lost productivity. If your employees require travel for work, a travel health program can provide travel vaccinations, medications to prevent or self-treat travel-related illnesses, and customized health and safety information for the destination. This helps decrease potential medical costs and lost-work time.

The flu is an extremely contagious respiratory infection, so if one of your employees gets infected, the rest of your workforce is at an increased risk of catching it. An annual flu shot is the best defense against the flu. Employers can send their employees to the nearest Concentra center to get their flu shot and stay safe during flu season.


Partnering with an effective occupational health provider is an investment into your greatest asset: your employees. By taking proactive measures to improve employee health, you can expect increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, and less injuries. Whatever you need to fill in the health and safety gaps this year, Concentra has your back. Talk to one of our work health experts to learn more about what employee health services we can provide your workforce.