3 Reasons You Need an Occupational Medicine Provider

Anna Kleiner

You may have read that when it comes to controlling recordables, your local primary care physician probably isn’t the best choice. They don’t always know the ins and outs of occupational medicine, and may not fully understand or be up to date on the latest in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) regulations.

But why partner with an occupational medicine physician?

1. They deliver great care.

Occupational medicine physicians are just as dedicated to delivering great care as primary care physicians and other medical specialties. In fact, some of them may have started as primary care physicians before specializing in occupational medicine.

The difference between occupational medicine physicians and primary care physicians isn’t in their dedication to patient care, but rather their approach to it. Occupational medicine physicians understand that it is part of their job not only to evaluate and treat injured workers, but also to manage the return-to-work process. They treat employees not just as patients, but also as industrial athletes. They recognize that employees are just as important to their employers as professional athletes are to their team, and use that knowledge in the care they deliver. Their treatment plans are focused on getting injured employees back to function—and at work—as soon as it’s safe.

Most occupational medicine clinicians will have a deep understanding of OSHA guidelines so they can create effective treatment plans and help you stay compliant with regulations. They can also use this expertise to help keep recordables down by telling you exactly what is and isn’t safe for an employee to do.

2. They know how to protect your business.

Occupational medicine physicians can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your workers safe and healthy, and minimizing recordables. It’s not just about knowing when an injury should or shouldn’t be treated with first aid. They also know the rules and regulations that constitute a recordable in the first place.

Occupational medicine physicians make it their business to stay up-to-date on OSHA’s regulations, because it is their business. They know what OSHA and other government regulatory agencies require to keep your workers safe, and know exactly what to do for your workforce, so you don’t have to worry about staying compliant. It’s not just about knowing what’s required, but also knowing what the evidence shows to be the best way to get the best outcomes.

Many occupational medicine physicians also have experience with companies like yours in industries like yours, making it easy for them to create effective return-to-work plans and treatment recommendations. They specialize in keeping your workforce healthy and productive, so you have the assurance of working with an expert and getting the best for your business.

3. They can be a critical resource when you need one.

Need a second opinion on a recordable case? Not sure how to reduce work injuries? Need help creating an injury care plan? Worried about employee safety?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need an occupational medicine physician. They can help you protect your workforce and your business without sacrificing quality of care. More importantly, they can help you prevent injuries and reduce recordables, giving you a healthier, safer, more productive workforce for the future.

If you’re currently looking for an occupational medicine physician or just want to expand your current occupational health services, we’re here for you. Sign up to talk to us about how you can reduce recordables in your workplace.