Why Concentra’s Best-in-Class Program is Your Workers’ Compensation Solution

Haley Bass

Sometimes one little mishap at work can lead to a lot of pain and suffering, for both the injured employee and the employer. Between coordinating with the insurance payor, paying for an injured employee’s medical treatment, and handling the consequences of their absence, the frustrations and high costs of workers’ compensation can add up. Even if you’ve budgeted for the medical bills, the lost working hours and reduced productivity are estimated to be 300% costlier for employers.

The solution: a best-in-class occupational medicine program. With more than 35 years leading the industry, Concentra has an unmatched understanding of workforce health. Combining our clinical expertise and experience navigating the complex workers’ compensation system, Concentra can help employers manage direct medical costs while reducing absenteeism and low productivity that drive up indirect costs.

We call our program “best-in-class” because we know (and practice) the 10 essential elements of an effective occupational medicine program. These elements fall into four categories: employer engagement, patient engagement, clear communications, and quality medical outcomes.

Employer Engagement

While no one knows occupational health better than Concentra, no one knows your business better than you. That’s why we take a collaborative approach to developing occupational health plans for your workforce.

Concentra clinicians work with employers to make important decisions about stay-at-work/return-to-work plans, reporting channels, and compliance tracking. This partnership is essential to the recovery of injured employees, because treatment should be designed uniquely to the individual and their workplace. Clinicians will regularly tour employees’ work environments to gain better understanding of transitional work options.

While you educate us on your workplace, we’ll return the favor with information and materials geared toward both you and your workforce. Our rapid employer onboarding process will provide you with immediate service access and an understanding of capabilities and protocols. Concentra will explain the benefits of a return-to-work program to your employees, teaching them why, where, and when to get care.

By establishing a workers’ compensation injury care plan together, there are no surprises when a work-related injury occurs. This keeps the focus on employee recovery rather than scrambling for decisions, making it easier to keep employees productive and reduce health care costs.

Patient Engagement

Concentra believes that a better patient experience can lead to better outcomes, so we make the treatment process as simple, comfortable, and positive as possible. This priority is felt the second you walk into one of our facilities, which are designed to be bright, welcoming, and efficient.

Concentra’s culture is centered around the patient experience. We ensure that all our clinicians take the Concentra Way to heart, treating patients with welcoming, respectful, and skillful care. By treating the patient with empathy and respect, clinicians are trusted by patients to effectively guide their recovery. This trust factor makes patients more likely to follow their treatment plan, and helps address the psychological aspects of recovery along with the physical ones.

Concentra also makes convenience a priority. With more than 300 clinics nationwide and multiple services offered at each clinic, Concentra creates a “one-stop shop” experience for the patient. This eliminates the need to travel to multiple providers and saves time, money, and frustration. For employers, a single facility for care also makes it easier to quickly obtain authorizations from their insurance payors, making the entire care process faster and more effective.

Clear Communications

There are a lot of stakeholders involved in the workers’ compensation process, including the employer, the payor, the employee, and the treating clinician. A good workforce health provider (like Concentra) should take ownership of the communication process, communicating patient treatment status to all key stakeholders.

This clear communication provides the employer with the information needed to drive engagement and program support, and enables the payor to quickly complete treatment authorizations. Employers also have open access to the treating clinician to ask questions and discuss return-to-work plans.

Concentra regularly provides employers with custom management reports that detail patient visits and employee treatment status. Employers will also receive reports on overall use statistics, giving clear insight into injury trends, recordable injuries, and utilization reports.

Clear, consistent communication among all stakeholders removes the confusion and frustration from the workers’ compensation process.

Quality Medical Outcomes

Concentra clinicians are highly trained in occupational medicine, allowing them to diagnose and treat work-related injuries more effectively. Our work health expertise, return-to-work philosophy, and ongoing clinician education ensure that injured employees get back to health, and to work, faster.

Concentra’s patient treatment is focused on early intervention, meaning we start treating the injury as soon as possible for optimal recovery. This includes an active treatment process, which promotes activity and physical therapy as an essential part of recovery. Activity helps patients maintain muscle tone and prevents deconditioning as their injury heals. It also helps employees overcome the psychological and social challenges associated with a work-related injury.

Even with all their incredible experience and knowledge, Concentra clinicians never stop learning. Clinical excellence has been at the core of Concentra’s treatment model since the company was founded by physicians more than 35 years ago. That focus on excellence continues as our clinicians receive extensive onboarding and ongoing training in occupational medicine to ensure regulatory expertise and quality care for work-related injuries.


Talk to one of our work health experts and learn more about how Concentra’s “best-in-class” occupational medicine program can help keep your business safe and healthy.