What Is Workers' Compensation?

By Haley Bass | 03/05/2018

Workers' compensation refers to a set of state-mandated and federal programs that provide financial support and medical care for workers who get injured on the job. These regulations are an important element of the modern work environment. Workers' compensation laws were enacted to help improve workplace safety and protect employee health.

What are workers’ compensation laws?

Wisconsin passed the first state-based workers’ compensation law in the United States in 1911. This measure set the standard for the way we handle work injuries today. Employees are no longer required to prove liability, but they also can’t sue their employers if they accept the benefits. It is also known as a "no-fault" system.

State laws vary – in fact, no two are the same - so employers must understand the complex facets of the workers' compensation system for all the states in which they operate, to effectively manage a disparate workforce. In some states, the size of the workforce dictates whether an employer must offer workers’ compensation to their employees. In other states, providers and patients have a choice of primary caregiver and rehabilitation services.

What is workers’ compensation injury care?

When an employee is injured at work, the first thing you need to do is seek medical care. Your best option is a physician trained in occupational medicine.

Occupational medicine providers specialize in treating work-related injuries. They consistently work with the workers' compensation system and understand the importance of returning employees back to work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The top occupational health care providers understand the importance of communicating with patients, payors, and employers, and have the tools to do so. This helps to streamline the process and avoid unnecessary delays in recovery or claims processing.

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