Scam Targeting Concentra Job Candidates

Concentra has been informed that scammers are using the company’s name to mislead individuals who believe they are applying for an opportunity with Concentra or receiving a job offer from Concentra. This scam and those behind it have even taken images and names from Concentra’s recruiting team, and use email addresses that contain the word ‘Concentra’ such as ‘@ConcentraCareers’ or ‘@ConcentraJobs’ or ‘@Concentracareerdesk.’ 

Please be aware these are not part of the Concentra or Select organization, and is a scam. Those behind this may ask job candidates to send money at some point (for equipment, training, or a uniform, etc.).  A LEGITIMATE CONCENTRA RECRUITER OR HIRING MANAGER WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO SEND MONEY.  Also, you will never receive a job offer from Concentra if we have not verbally interviewed you. 

We have taken action against these illegal activities, and are working to prohibit this from occurring in the future.  For more information on recruiting scams or to report a recruiting scam visit the website of the Federal Trade Commission at